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My View of the World
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  • 05/08/12--02:32: I Need a Breather…..
  • History ain’t what it is. It’s what some writer wanted it to be.  — Will Rogers Ok, I’m a writer, not a very well-known one but a writer just the same. ;)  So, I am hereby proclaiming that all this political stuff  has disappeared for the next week or so. At least you won’t find […]

    rjscornerAll I Know BannervotingrjscornerAll I Know Bannervoting

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  • 10/18/12--02:17: More Brainy Stuff….
  • I can’t seem to shut my brain off with all this change talk the last few posts. Hopefully this is the last post in this area. Here are some more basic things that need to change in our country in order to go forward with a least a small hope of getting better. I will […]

    rjscornerSchool KidrjscornerSchool Kid

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  • 11/06/12--02:28: All Politics Is Local?????
  • Today I will be doing something I have done every four years for the last forty-four years and that is to cast my vote for who will be the next president of the U.S.  I, unlike a predicted 40% of my fellow citizens, take this duty very seriously. I study the candidates and choose the […]


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  • 09/25/14--02:29: Banking Establishments…
  • I sincerely believe . . . that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale. Thomas Jefferson in a letter 12 June 1815 Anyone that has studied Jefferson to any […]


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  • 11/24/14--09:55: The Right To Vote…
  • Omaha,NV – Native Americans The right to vote is the very bedrock of what it means to be American. One-person-One-vote balances the playing field (or at least it could) for representation in our government process. It is amazing... Read More

    ISOA 268 (4)rjsblogsISOA 268 (4)rjsblogs

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    I think this editorial cartoon by Mike Lukovich says it better than I ever could.  The monied interests just have too much power in our national affairs.  That could be easily reversed if only ALL of us would... Read More

    rjsblogs2015-09-26_08-16-21Banner Ed Cartoonsrjsblogs2015-09-26_08-16-21Banner Ed Cartoons

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  • 05/03/16--08:21: I Voted…
  • I just finished voting. They have reduced the polling places in my small town now so it took 40 minutes to cast my ballot instead of the usual 10 minutes or so.  I hate to think of the... Read More


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    I’m sure I am not the only one to see this presidential election as the strangest of all the fourteen I have voted in. And I’m also sure that I am not the only one who is planning... Read More


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    The quotes below are a nice addition to the recent post about voter suppression. The solution given is to add an amendment to our U.S. Constitution to say that everyone over 18 has an inalienable right to vote. This... Read More


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    I am a dreamer, always have been and always will be.  When times are bad I dream of better times. When times are good I thank the Lord. I have always dreamed that every citizen of our country has at least an ounce of empathy and two ounces of brains.  I have come to doubt … Read more An Ounce Of Empathy & Two Ounces Of Brains


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  • 11/09/17--05:14: Your Vote Counts, But…
  • I am an ultra-advocate to the rights and privileges of voting.  If you don’t vote then you should have no say in what your representatives do in Washington.  Sadly, we are one of the lowest participatory democracies in the world.  Less than half of those eligible to vote in any election usually choose to do … Read more Your Vote Counts, But…